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 Get ready to celebrate finding the bridal attire of your dreams


Bridal  Appointments

Celebrate being a bride-to-be with the bridal experience you want + deserve.  Finding your dream attire at Sweet Hello Bridal will be a memory of a lifetime. We're here to make finding your perfect dress less of a have-to-do and waaaay more of a love-to-do.


The Sweet Appointment

For the bride who likes a more intimate + private experience, bring up to 4 of your sweetest of sweet guests and celebrate finding the dress of your dreams.


You will work with a one-on-one stylist to help bring your vision to life. This is a 90 minute appointment available on weekdays + Saturdays with a complimentary non-alcoholic beverage.

At time of booking, we will go over all the sweet details. We require credit card for a "48 hour cancellation/no show" policy. Your card will not be charge at the time of booking.


The Sweetest Experience

We know some brides want all the frills and this is made especially for you in mind.  Join us after hours for a fully private experience while shopping for your wedding dress.

Our Sweetest Experiences are reserved on Wednesdays + Sundays.  They include a two hour appointment with an expert stylist, savory + sweet treats, a bubbly beverage (non-alcoholic), and an extra sweet gift for the bride.  Trust us, there will be extra surprise + delights along the way to finding your dress + celebrating with your awesome crew.

When booking this appointment, we'll ask all the details + preferences to make this a very special wedding shopping experience.  This experience is $399 to reserve (up to 8 guests) $499 to reserve (up to 12 guests). You will receive a $100 credit to be applied toward your wedding dress on the same day of this appointment.

Given this experience takes extra time, care, and preparation they may not be rescheduled without one week notice. Payment is non-refundable if rescheduled/cancelled with one week or less notice.

The Sweeter Appointment

For the bride who likes a little "extra." You will celebrate in our VIP private suite with up to 8 of your favorite crew. 

This upgraded celebration includes a one-on-one expert stylist, a round of special non-alcoholic beverage + treats, and a little gift for the bride-to-be. This is a 90 minute appointment available weekdays + Saturdays. 

At the time of booking, we'll go over all the sweet details + learn your beverage + treat preferences. This appointment is $150 to reserve + credit card will be charged at time of booking. We get life happens, and to reschedule this appointment, we require 48 hours notice. Payment is non-refundable.

The Extras

The Cherry on Top!

If you are looking to complete your wedding look, we can help you find the final touches (headpieces, jewelry, veils--oh my). If you can, bring your wedding attire + any pieces you may wear, your stylist will pair the perfect accessories to complete your vision. These appointments are 60 minutes and on weekdays.

The Reveal

If you said "YES to your dress" + were unable to celebrate with everyone, we offer a 30 minute reveal appointment during the week, where you can bring up to 4 guests to showcase your wedding dress.

The Suit/Tux Option

Are you a bride-to-be looking for your forever attire + think a bridal suit/tux is more your vision? Awesome!  Give us a call or text to speak with us about how we can celebrate you + your preferences. We will make your dream shopping day equally special.

And brides, if you are like, "I saw your epic suit/tuxes" and I am so down for wearing one while celebrating my engagement or just because, call or text to let us know, and we'll go from there!

Photo credit: Donna Marie Photo Co.

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