Hi, we're Sweet Hello. Thanks for stopping by -- it's nice to "meet you."

We wanted to share a little bit about our story, what Sweet Hello means to us, and our promise to you. <3


Our Story:

Katie always knew she wanted to create a special and meaningful shop for local residents to enjoy, but she wasn't exactly sure what that would look like.  Having recently been married and learning a local longstanding bridal shop was closing, she knew there was an opportunity to open a new bridal & formal wear shop.

These two occasions, coupled with her passion to design something exceptional,  inspired the opening of Sweet Hello Bridal & Formal Co. 

What does Sweet Hello mean?:

To us, Sweet Hello, is a feeling of warmth, welcoming, and comfort.  We want everyone to feel this when they come into the shop or speaking with one of our       Sweet Hello Team Members. 


Our promise to you:

At Sweet Hello, we're all about taking care of the bride (and guests)!  We're here to make finding the perfect dress (attire) less of a have-to-do and way more of a love-to-do.  From your first appointment to your first dance as a new Mrs., we promise to make the experience of finding your perfect look another thing you're sure to love

We believe in this promise across all wedding "I-DOers" (yes, grooms, we're talking about you), the bridal support crew & wedding go-ers. If you are a bridesmaid, groomsmen, mom, or another amazing friend or family member -- we're here to help & we want you to feel just as special and loved.



The Sweet Hello Team




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