Guest Services Lead Job Description


Join Our Team

As one of the team members of Sweet Hello Bridal, you are the most valuable & important ambassador in our service commitment to our guests.  By joining Sweet Hello Bridal, we not only meet, but exceed our guests’ expectations. You must be willing and able to carry out any tasks as needed when working with or without a guest. You must embody the Sweet Hello Bridal brand by excelling at extraordinary customer service, giving full attention to every detail, and be passionate about helping others.


At Sweet Hello Bridal, we are committed to helping couples find their dream attire while making them feel as special & beautiful/handsome as they are and ensure they leave feeling better than when they arrived.  We understand that shopping for their wedding attire can be nerve wracking and equally exciting, and we are here to help them relax and have as much fun as possible as they find the attire of their dreams.  We are creating memories for a lifetime.  Everything we do is designed to help our guests always feel their best from their first shopping day, to attire pick-up day, and all touch points along their wedding journey.  This is equally true of any guest we have the honor of helping, (i.e., bridesmaid, groomsmen, etc.).  You will treat every guest with respect, kindness, and dignity regardless of attire need & budget. Every guest will have the same Sweet Hello Bridal experience.


We are looking for superstars, people who are excited to join the Sweet Hello Team and ready to help in any situation as needed.  If you’re someone who has a positive attitude, can thrive in a busy, at-times stressful/fast-paced work environment, identify problems & implement solutions, and loves helping people, we invite you to explore current job openings at Sweet Hello Bridal, and see how we can make wedding dress/suit shopping more of a love-to-do.


Guest Services Lead

The Guest Services Lead role is the first person our guests interact with. You shape their first impression and feeling of Sweet Hello Bridal. Whether responding to a phone call, text message, social, or in-store interaction you are the heart of our team. To be successful this person will be super hardworking to ensure Sweet Hello experience is delivered to every guest, the store is in tip top shape & aesthetic, loves helping people, delivers above and beyond customer service, great at handling multiple tasks at a time & detailing those interactions, and loves taking photos and videos of dresses, staging our shop, and social media.


Basic Skills

  • Giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting at inappropriate times.

  • Talking to others to convey & receive information effectively.

  • Understanding written sentences and paragraphs in work related documents. Articulate written & verbal information clearly and accurately.

  • Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems.

  • Monitoring/Assessing performance of yourself or systems to make improvements or take corrective action.

  • Product knowledge and delivery of merchandise by designer and style, under promise & over deliver ensuring the accuracy of facts shared with guests.

  • Be proactive to learn & understand shop policies, procedures, and products. Be curious, ask questions and write down answers given to expedite learning.

  • Identify problems, reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions.



Social Skills

  • Provide extraordinary shopping experience with care and delight preserving guests best interest genuinely and sincerely.

  • Actively looking for ways to help people.

  • Bringing others together and trying to reconcile differences.

  • Being aware of others' reactions and understanding why they react as they do.

  • Adjusting actions in relation to others' actions.

  • Recognize and monitor possible guests issues.



System Skills

  • Follow instructions, adapt, and willing to implement changes with positive intent.

  • Develop & improve systems: determine how systems are working, identifying measures or indicators of system performance and the actions needed to improve or correct performance. Develop & propose changes that improve operations and have positive outcomes for team, business, and our guests.

  • Loves & talented at TikTok, cellphone videos/pictures, Instagram, and Facebook.




Guest interaction tasks:

  • Create, maintain, and confirm all store appointments.

  • Check all social & online systems to manage consumer conversations/needs & booking appointment.

  • Respond to reviews on Google & Facebook.

  • Create and/or maintain proper paper & electronic files for each guest. Update based on your conversations, so all team members are up to date on latest.

  • Managing one’s own time to complete tasks and appointment time management.

  • Document task list completed/in-progress tasks.

  • Be familiar with days appointments and be prepared for guests.

  • Greet guests immediately upon arrival & make them feel relax & comfortable.

  • Always use training techniques & proven success vocabulary/tools to help share information with guests.

  • Answer questions no matter how received (phone, social, online, in-store) regarding the store and its merchandise.

  • Assist guests with merchandise pick-ups & ensure guests are satisfied.

  • Assist other team members with needs.

  • Assist Bridal Stylists by returning “NO” dresses back to the floor & hang properly. Help Bridal Stylists pull dresses required for appointment.


Operational tasks:

  • Create and/or maintain proper paper & digital files for each guest.

  • Prepare sales slips or sales contracts. Compute price and process payment & review contracts with guests.

  • Prepare merchandise for purchase/storage.

  • Maintain records related to sales.

  • Keep payment plan brides up to date.

  • Keep inventory tidy & in their exact locations in the shop. (Hang all dresses back by garment straps properly, replace tag if needed, zip gown, train up, and return to bag if bagged dress.) Keep accessories & tuxedo department tidy too.

  • Process inventory stock and new stock/special orders. Store purchases (Layaway/Special orders) in correct storage area.

  • Steam new stock, take pictures & video, upload to digital files.

  • Ticket, arrange and display merchandise to promote sales & store resets.

  • Maintain knowledge of current sales, promotions, products, and policies regarding payment and exchanges, and security practices.

  • Stay up to date on store information including guest issues & vendors, etc.

  • Demonstrate use and understanding of merchandise.

  • Create & refresh all store displays

    • Mannequins

    • Jewelry

    • Display scenes

  • Carry out store inventories.

  • Clean dressing rooms thoroughly after each use, sweep, sanitize, wipe mirrors.

  • Clean bathrooms thoroughly start of each day (toilet scrub, sweep, mirrors, take out trash/replace trash bag, soap, paper towels, toilet paper). On high traffic day, check bathrooms & clean/replace products as needed.

  • At closing, clean front door, mirrors, tables, all floor surfaces. (vacuum/sweep/mop), reset all viewing rooms & guests’ areas. *If during the day, these problems arise, it is expected it to be taken care of unless it hampers guests’ experience. Ahead of new appointment, these issues will be addressed.

  • Maintain a neat & tidy workspace for guests & team members.

  • Bring these situations immediately to advising manager: Watch for and recognize security risks and thefts & any damage to merchandise.

  • Communicate any issues with other employees or guests to Owner. If Owner is not on site, tell advising manager and they will communicate to Owner.

  • Guest Services Lead are expected to wear appropriate black or dark clothing with comfortable shoes. No sneakers or open-toed shoes.

  • Any time off must be submitted to the Owner before the monthly schedule is created.

  • Guest Services Lead are expected to work all Mondays and Saturdays (unless approved time off), to help with Bridal Shows & Trunk Shows.

  • Must be able to lift 30lbs.


Brand, Product, & Marketing tasks:

  • Write thank you cards to all brides.

  • Take photos & videos of new inventory & create content log for Owner to post to social, with potential to post directly once learning brand.

  • Create & manage Pinterest page.

  • Positive attitude, kind heart, loves helping people, great work ethic, team player, high attention to detail, ability to stay calm in high-stress situations, exceptional communication & listening skills, problem solver, and open to learning and taking feedback, and believes in the Sweet Hello Bridal vision are must haves to be successful in this role and company.

  • Guest Services Lead directly report to Owner.



The list of responsibilities, skills, and description are not exclusive. More responsibilities and needs can arise and it is expected that these will be carried out to ensure our Sweet Hello Bridal vision is carried out daily for our guests.  This role is designed to grow into Bridal Stylist. See Bridal Stylist job description to understand growth opportunity.

Please submit your resume & cover letter to for consideration. We look forward hearing from you!